Do you know how important it is to have healthy sperm? If you and your partner are seriously considering having a baby, looking after the health of your sperm is important. Why? It may help to improve fertility and the chances of the natural conception. It is not often conceded that male fertility is reliant on healthy sperm quality. And this all depends on how healthy sperm production is.

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Sperm is made by a complex process called spermatogenesis that involves many stages, cells, and hormonal mediators. They need to be healthy enough to swim through the cervix, the uterus to the fallopian tube and then be able to fertilize the ovulated egg when they arrive. You can say they do really have their work cut out for them. So don’t forget to take the time to read fertility tips for sperm health. This valuable information may help prepare you and your partner for a natural conception. You can learn which pills are top rated, to buy really effective solution for your low sperm count problem. Just follow the link

Sperm Retention

Today I want to talk to you about semen retention. Semen retention is basically the practice whereby a man does not ejaculate semen on purpose for a prolonged period of time. So the whole idea behind doing this is to what is called as retaining the seed or another word retaining vitality, and retailing strength, and energy, and immunity. So is there any logic behind this?

Well,  it is a fact that if you constantly masturbate or have sex and you keep ejaculating your semen for very often, then yes, you will feel less energetic and you will have less vitality. However, if you had sex once in a while and you masturbated once in a while, then I don’t think there is much difference.

NoFap and Semen

So recent research has come out claiming that woman will have sex frequently, they tend to have less depression and overall they tend to be happier. So think about this for a minute. So when men are giving their semen to a woman, the woman tend to be happier, and they tend to be less depressed. So think about what you are giving away. So if you keep that semen in yourself, in your body, do you think that you will be less depressed and happier? Make sense, right? So do give this thought, it is very important.

And that is why semen retention and nofap will help you. You will over a period of time feel less stressed if you are depressed you will over time feel happier.