There’re many different ways to enhance male penis size. If you’re a man, you must have an obsession with having a bigger penis. A large manhood is still linked to the greater masculinity. Masculine men tend to attract many women. It will affect the sensation in lovemaking. Higher masculinity means the better sex experience. There’re both natural and medical ways in enhancing your penis size. Natural ways are easier to use and generally harmless than taking enlargement pills. If you want to choose the natural method, you can do the weight loss. Weight loss can make your penis looks bigger. You can try to do some exercises like Kegel and Jelqing to enlarge your penis naturally.


In contrast, medical treatment will cost you higher. It will also relatively take longer time. You need to see the expert in doing this kind of treatment. Penis surgery, for example, is the popular choice if you want to get the fast results. One of the alternatives is by doing penis stretching. This exercise is considered as the natural way with the help of an additional tool.

What is Stretching with Weight?

Stretching exercises will not actually enlarge your penis because it’s not a muscle. Stretching with weight will stretch your penis a little bit. This way has been done by many people for thousands of years. They formerly used the rock to their organ in order to increase it. This exercise basically uses the same principle of muscle building. The tension in your penis will stimulate the micro tears in your its tissues. The repair in those tears will stimulate the new cells growth. This will enlarge your penis. However, there’re some different types of penis stretching for its hanger design. It will also give you different comfort level.



This method can be said as the ultimate enlargement exercise. It has the ability to add an unlimited amount of weight. So, there’s no limit of the penis length that you’ll get if you take it regularly. You can also easily control how much weight or force that you want to apply. As a result, you can control the increase of the penis that you wish.


To do this exercise, you just need to attach the weight to your manhood while you can do some other tasks. You should spend about 20 minutes set per day to get the excellent result. And this exercise is obviously safe to do. However, there’re still any injury risks. You should remember to do this exercise properly with the right instruction.

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