What Are The Main Causes Of Low Sperm Count?

low sperm count

It is time for you to learn about what are the main causes of low sperm count? It is indeed that you need a good quality of sperm so that your wife can become pregnant with it. Low sperm count is a problem that often happened in man. However, it doesn’t occur automatically. There is something wrong in your lifestyle or food choice that can trigger this disorder. It is time to know the cause of it so that you will be able to prevent and solve this problem in no time. You have to make sure that you make your body becomes good with consuming best option of products too, such as fruit, vegetables, honey, milk and many more. By consuming best option of the product, you will be able to make your low sperm count problem solved instantly. Let’s begin to learn about the factor that can make you get this problem.

Eating Junk Food


Eating junk food is the main cause of low sperm count problem. In order to solve this problem, you have to make sure that you do something about it. Junk food consists of calories. It has a huge amount of fat too that can trigger the abnormality in your hormone and glucose. As a result, it can make you have low sperm count problem, as well as a complication. In the end, it can also make your body easily get infected with a heart attack.



Smoking is also a bad habit that can trigger the presence of low sperm count problem. When you are having this problem, you must the habit of smoking as fast as possible. You don’t know when your body will get weak because of it. Smoking can also endanger the quality of your brain, kidney, and heart. It can trigger not only heart attack but also acute sperm quality disorder.

Lack of Sleep


Lack of sleep will easily make your body get infected with low sperm count problem. You have to know that this type of problem can lead you into the hormonal problem too. You have to take a rest at least 7 – 8 hours a day.

Never Do Exercise


Another bad habit that becomes the main cause of this problem is never doing exercise. When you always lazy to do an activity, you will find easier to get infected with low sperm count. When you have this problem already, you have to go to the hospital and it can cost a lot of money for you. Thus, start to do an activity from now on.